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Shanti Mukund Hospital’s wound care team provides innovative wound healing options and personalized care.

Healing Difficult Wounds with Focused Care

Wound care specialists treat all types of wounds such as:

  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Venous leg ulcers
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Malignant wounds
  • Complicated burns
  • Skin tears
  • Radiation burns
  • Autoimmune ulcers
  • Also, wounds that just won’t seem to heal after more than 30 days of conventional therapies.
  • The care team includes doctors specializing in wound healing treatments and wound care nurses. Dietitians and physiotherapists are available to supplement wound care treatment plans with recommended dietary plans and therapies.

    Many factors can compromise the body’s normal healing process.

    What is Biofilm?

    When bacteria attach to the surface of the wound and evade the host’s defenses, they can quickly develop into a film, which covers the surface. This film, biofilm, is truly a multicellular organism with several well recognized defences, synergies between different types of bacteria and the ability to reconstitute itself very quickly. Phenotype along with metabolic differences in the different regions of the biofilm make it very difficult, if not impossible, to eradicate.

    Multiple tools have been developed to treat the wound biofilm. In treating wounds as if biofilm is a major barrier to wound healing, it is important that the treatments suppress biofilm but not damage host defenses and/or host healing mechanisms. Also, since biofilm is so resilient and robust, it has become apparent that multiple concurrent strategies are most effective.

    Wounds that heal slowly are also at risk of infection. Individuals who have diabetes, vascular disorders, or a weak immune system are at increased risk. Signs and symptoms of an infected wound include: foul smelling drainage, fever, swelling, redness and pain at the wound site, and red streaks in the skin around the wound.

    Our wound care center offers a full spectrum of services in an outpatient setting. Shanti Mukand Hospital also provides wound healing expertise for inpatient care.

    Call +91-11-47276600 to make an appointment if you have a sore or wound that has not improved or healed in four to eight weeks. Our Wound Care team is available, Tuesday and Saturday, 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.


      Services Offered

    • Wound evaluation and monitoring
    • Cleaning and bandaging
    • Advanced therapeutic wound dressings
    • Moisture treatments and tissue builders
    • Graduated compression therapy
    • Infection management or prevention
    • Offloading and pressure redistribution
    • Selective and nonselective debridement
    • PDGF gel for diabetic ulcers
    • Enzymatic debridement
    • ABPI (Ankle brachial pressure Index) testing


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