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Diploma in Ophthalmic Technique

The path to becoming an ophthalmic technician is one that can lead to a long-lasting career that features job security and competitive pay. This job distinction marks the second stage in the ophthalmic profession and can be attained in a couple of different ways. This field is also steadily growing as more and more ophthalmic technicians are joining the workforce every year. Ophthalmic technicians typically find employment in vision care centres, private ophthalmologist practices and outpatient care centres. This exciting and productive future is only a few short steps away.

An ophthalmic technician also attends to more technical aspects of the job. Measurements are conducted and they include taking A-scans as well as fundus photography. Ophthalmic technicians also conduct brightness acuity tests and contrast sensitivity tests. Providing assistance during surgeries is another integral role taken on by ophthalmic technicians. The sterilization of instruments, prepping of exam rooms and disposal of biohazards are a few more duties that fall on the shoulders of ophthalmic technicians.

An ophthalmic technician is also capable of performing administrative tasks, ordering inventory, calibrating equipment and other miscellaneous office duties. This leads to a well-rounded repertoire of job skills as an ophthalmic technician provides value in numerous ways. Furthermore, the ophthalmic distinction signifies that an individual is skilled enough to handle various instruments such as tomographs, exophthalmometers, occluders, OCT scanners, snipe nose pliers, in addition to many others. The technical nature of the job is extremely important to patient care, which is why ophthalmic technicians need to be properly trained.

Diploma in Ophthalmic Technique.

  • Duration: 3 Years
  • Qualification: 10 + 2