Feb 20
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A Center of Medical Exellence Shanti Mukand Hospital is a 200-bed most integrated medical centre of East Delhi, providing comprehensive diagnosis and treatment in almost all medical and surgical specialities. Each speciality is a ‘Centre of Excellence.’ Established in 1995, SMH serves our beloved community with passion and commitment, imparting medical care of international standards at reasonable costs. We pursue the legacy of selfless service - the cornerstone of Hippocratic ethos - with vigour, year after year.
Dedication to Community Services Shanti Mukand Hospital runs free outpatient departments which are extremely popular. Over millions of patients have taken advantage of our OPDs, making us one of the most socially committed hospitals in Delhi.The OPDs are manned by some of the best consultants, physicians & surgeons in Delhi. On a daily basis, over 200 patients are being seen at our OPDs, which are run free between 9 am to 11 AM & Private OPD from 11 AM to 8 pm, the OPD chambers are utilised by consultants for private OPD consultations. Each month, close to 5,000 patients are being seen by our OPD experts. SMH also provides diagnostic services, such as X-Ray, ultrasound and blood tests, being carried out each month.
Caring and Knowledgeble Professionals   The Professional team of doctors and nurses at Shanti Mukand Hospital are one of the best in their respective field of knowledge. They have a outstanding academic track record which is backed by years of hands-on experience. However, the difference that Doctors and other Professionals at Shanti Mukand Hospital have is the degree of compassion and care with which they serve the patients of the hospital. To us each and every patient is truly very special and valuable. We give our best to ensure that the service delivery at Shanti Mukand Hospital is second to none.
Intergation of Latest Technologies Shanti Mukand Hospital, over the last 21 years, has pursued a proactive policy of integrating the latest and best technologies in each of its operating specialities, thus immensely benefitting the patients in East Delhi. We have the latest equipment with regard to Intensive Care Unit, Paediatric & Neonatal Intensive Care Units, Operation Theatres, PET.CT Scan, MRI & Radiology & state-of-the-art facility for Dialysis Care. It can rightly be said that we are one of the most techno savvy hospital in the entire East Delhi.
Incredible Surgical Centre Nearly 10,00,000 surgeries have been conducted at Shanti Mukand Hospital,a landmark achievement. Surgery dates back to Neolithic times. Some of the major advances in the  wonderful world of surgery, however, have occurred during last 21 years.The SMH surgical facilities are backed by two major state-of-the-art operation theatres, critical care department, emergency services, latest equipment, operating microscopes, minimally invasive surgical techniques, well-developed laboratories, advanced  diagnostic and other support systems.
Advanced Intensive Care Unit Our ICUs are amongst the best critical care centres in Delhi. Lots of patients, with post-operative complications from other outstation centres, are regularly shifted to our ICUs and we deliver excellent results.The hospital at present offers nine-bed ICU, with a 24-hour specialist intensive care services for patients covering surgery, cardiac, trauma, burn, neurological, organ failure and other conditions. Our ICU contains latest assortment of  monitors and life-support systems like ventilators for providing care to patients with heart attacks, stroke, acute respiratory distress syndrome, kidney, liver or multiple organ failure, trauma, sepsis, and many other critical emergencies.





Hospital provides services free of charge to 10% inpatients (IPD) and 25% outpatients (OPD).

Welcome to Shanti Mukand Hospital


Shanti Mukand Hospital offers the the best healthcare in an environment that is pleasant, caring, supportive and comfortable. Quality is part of our strategic vision and guides us in delivering safe and cost effective care to the society we serve.

As a community hospital, we understand the importance of treating each patient with respect and dignity like the members of our extended family.

The hospital’s philosophy revolves around “the pursuit of excellence” in all our patient-care activities.

Shanti Mukand Hospital endeavours to fulfill the cherished dream of Sh. Mukandi Lal Memorial Foundation in mitigating the suffering of people with utmost regard and courtesy and to improve the community health by setting exceptional standards of innovative patient - centered care.