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Our Imaging Department offers state-of-the-art technologies such as the latest whole body C.T. Scan, Ultrasound, Molecular Imaging, Digital Mammography, Bone Density Testing, and other general radiology services.

Shanti Mukand Hospital has a highly specialised and fully integrated Imaging Department, being run by SMH Imaging Centre

The hospital has 24-hour radiology, ultrasound and C.T. Scan services for trauma and other emergency patients. Bed-side radiology is done for very sick patients with portable X-Ray machines.

Our radiology experts have a considerable expertise in interventional, vascular, ultra-sound and computerised tomography. They work closely with experts from various specialities in order to render excellent patient care.

Our C.T. systems, with unprecedented coverage speed, extremely high resolution images, accuracy and detail, enable the physicians to make better diagnosis and hence faster recovery time for patients. Our X-Ray machines provide outstanding image quality, unprecedented clarity and low levels of radiation dose.

The hospital ultrasound systems with Colour Doppler sensitivity are designed to provide sound and consistent imaging for the special needs of patients. Our Mammography system is a state-of-the-art technology, delivering superior image quality, high volume screening and spot localisation, and better visualisation of the breast tissue.

The hospital is doing an entire gamut of imaging including gastroenterology, neurology, special investigations such as barium meals, IVUs, cysto-urethrograms, HSG, sonograms, fistulograms, etc. SMH has an image intensifier table for doing these.

The ultra-sound department works round-the-clock where abdominal, gynaecological, obstetrical and soft-part sonological investigations are done.

The hospital is also doing ultra-sound guided aspirations and biopsies. Trans-vaginal studies are also being done.