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The Dentistry Department of SMH represents highly-qualified dental surgeons, state-of-the-art technology, and an excellent standard of cleanliness and sterilisation. We bet that our results will leave an everlasting smile on your face.

We handle both the indoor and outdoor patients. Treatment is also being provided to patients requiring specialised care such as those with the heart ailments, diabetes,hypertension, thyroid, pregnancy & cancer.

The department handles patients with various types of malocclusion by orthodontic treatment with various techniques, i.e., straight wire technique and Begg’s technique.

We handle crown and bridge work and cases ranging from simple to totally mutilated ones by complete dentures. We also treat cases involving removable partial dentures with all the new materials, available in the field of prosthodontics.

The hospital has an excellent track-record in maxillofacial prosthodontics which includes rehabilitation with prosthesis like obturators, nasal prosthesis, etc.

AT SMH, you’ll find that root canal treatment (RCT) has become easier and less time consuming. The restorative fillings, with superior quality materials and extremely natural appearance, are much simpler now in the field of endodontics.

In pedodontics, we do state-of-the-art pulp therapies for children, space maintainers, stainless steel crowns followed by preventive treatments like fluoride applications, sealants, etc.

Our department deals with oral surgical procedures like extractions, impactions, cyst removal, ridge augmentation, apicectomy, besides all kinds fractures and maxillofacial surgeries. We are also doing extensive implants, which involves replacement of teeth. We also handle treatment for gingivitis, periodontitis and sensitive teeth, besides specialising in bone grafting procedures. Teeth whitening by bleaching, pigmented gums and atypical forms of dentition are all undertaken at our centre. Ultra-modern and state-of-the-art X-Ray machine with RVG facility, i.e., digital X-Ray are also available.