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Our ICUs are amongst the best critical care centres in Delhi. Lots of patients, with post-operative complications from other outstation centres, are regularly shifted to our ICUs and we deliver excellent results.

In 1995, Shanti Mukand Hospital was the first in East Delhi to have a state-of-art Intensive Care Unit and advanced operation theatres. Subsequently, paediatric and neonatal ICU facilities were added.

Top physicians, consultant anaesthetists and other specialists are available in the ICUs, round-the-clock, to look after the patients. Our experienced nurses are the minute-to-minute critical care providers.

The hospital at present offers nine-bed ICU, with a 24-hour specialist intensive care services for patients covering surgery, cardiac, trauma, burn, neurological, organ failure and other conditions. A 12-bed paediatric and neonatal ICU facilities look after our youngest patients.

Our ICU contains latest assortment of monitors and life-support systems like ventilators for providing care to patients with heart attacks, stroke, acute respiratory distress syndrome, kidney, liver or multiple organ failure, trauma, sepsis, and many other critical emergencies.




Among other latest equipment, the ICU has :

  • Five state-of-the-art ventilators and two Bi-Pap machines
  • Multipara monitors with central station for enhanced patient care
  • Arterial Blood gas analyser
  • 24-hour Extensive Laboratory back-up

The ICU offers specialised facilities for :

  • Patients with multiple organ failures
  • Patients needing advanced renal or respiratory support
  • Patients with multiple injuries
  • Patients with severe bleeding disorders
  • Coma patients and those who are critically ill.