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diwan-chand--psri-Shanti Mukand Hospital offers the best of Imaging Technology as part of its diagnostic services.

Our PET.CT Scan services have changed the way one perceives cancer. PET.CT gives the power to detect cancer sooner, treat it better and know all there is to know about the disease through its various stages. The facility has become an important modality for treatment and management of cancer. Over 200 cancer patients a month are taking benefit of PET.CT Scan services.

The hospital is receiving a lot of patients from Arabian Gulf countries, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and other countries. A lot of referral cases are coming from major institutions like Apollo Indraprastha Hospitals and others.
PET.CT Scan, in a single examination, taking less than 30 minutes, gives out the most accurate and proven clinical outcomes.  In one continuous full-body scan, PET captures images of miniscule changes in the body’s metabolism caused by the growth of abnormal cells. While at the same time,  CT images simultaneously allow physicians to pinpoint the exact location, size and shape of the diseased tissue or tumour.

The anatomical pictures produced by the CT scanner merge with the molecular images from PET. Consequently, a tumour detected with CT can be confirmed as either malignant or benign with PET, and physicians can then use these fused images to target more effective treatment therapies. Moreover, PET is a medical imaging technology that images the biology of disorders at the molecular level before anatomical changes are visible.