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A scientific crusade is now under way for winning the war against cancer in East Delhi. The nodal centre of action is SMH-Cancer Centre, where every month thousands of patients are being treated for the dreaded disease.


The war against cancer has just begun in East Delhi and coming years will see more definite signs of vanquishing the terror of cancer. Considerable strides have been made at SMH-Cancer Centre in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer. Every day we are waging a frontal war for lessening the pain, debility or even mortality caused by cancer. Now we are able to offer personalised medicine to achieve the best results for each and every patient that walks through our doors at affordable cost.

Since its establishment in 2007, SMH-Cancer Centre has now emerged as a premier cancer care hospital with state-of-the-art technology in surgical, medical and radiation oncology. These are supported by psycho-oncology and rehabilitation facilities. With 70 dedicated beds for cancer patients, a 8-bedded CCU including two isolation beds, two most advanced operation theatres and a well- equipped recovery room, we offer the best-known facilities in fighting cancer.

The centre, a joint venture of SMH with FHCH in association with Clearmedi Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. , is created with the aim of providing comprehensive medical resources with multi-disciplinary team under one roof. Our centre is home to internationally renowned cancer physicians.


Tumour Board Opinion

Tumour Board - Making treatment incorporates opinion based on multi modality approach, tumor board is a protocol where consultants from all three specialties (medical,surgical,radiation oncologist) share their clinical opinion regarding the best treatment available and shall be given to respective patient, one can be double sure about the treatment he/she is undergoing , SMH Cancer Centre also ensure that this facility is not restricted to any city hence have made this available even online, this gives one a chance to know the best treatment available along with its duration and approximate cost .This facility is been made available online in three easy steps.

  • Click the "Tumour Board Opinion" Image
  • Fill the details
  • Pay online