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DSC_4408Our Medical Library provides a window to the wonderful world of medicine & surgery across the globe. Latest journals, reference books and resource information are of invaluable help to our physicians, surgeons, nurses and DNB student.

Named after Delhi’s veteran surgeon, Dr K.C. Mahajan, our well-equipped  library is managed by a professional librarian and trained staff.

The library has over 2000 medical books, nearly 5000 journals and a priceless collection of research documents and medical thesis, since 1950s. The libary is equipped with the latest audio-video aids and a large collection of DVDs and CDs on important medical topics and research areas for the benefit of medical practitioners and students.

The library is equipped with latest computers with internet access, a current collection of textbooks, reference works, latest Indian and  international medical journals, and photocopying service. Web browsing is limited to hospital staff. Outside consultants may use library source material within the library only. Reference books and current issue of journals do not  circulate, but are available for in-house use.

Lots of SMH doctors and DNB students use the library resources for doing their research work and thesis. The library also has overhead projectors for PowerPoint presentations. The library organises regular CME meetings every first week of the month. Special conferences are also held on critical areas of medical concern such as diabetes, cancer,  surgery, anaesthesia, nephrology, etc.