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Continuing-Medical-Education1We empower our physicians with exemplary cutting-edge knowledge and skills to improve the quality of medical practice & patient management.  Innovative technologies help in bolstering the skills of our physicians.

Shanti Mukand Hospital attaches a great importance to our compulsory Continuing Medical Education (CME) for the physicians, surgeons and other specialists serving in the institution.

SMH is committed to serving the people of Delhi through a shared vision of excellence in education, patient care, and other public service initiatives that aim at advancing the health of general public. The CME programme offers an open forum for improving our faculty’s knowledge base,  access to information and enhancement of  quality of services. It is crucial to transmit latest medical information, ideas, experiences and principles that can be applied by our practitioners while ensuring high patient safety norms. Upgrading the working and intuitive skills of our faculty, we feel, goes a long way towards excellence in medical standards.

The CME monthly conferences are devoted to a wide-spectrum of topics, which include teaching new skills, simulated patients or live-case presentations, and new information to  improve prevention, diagnosis and management of diseases. The CME programme is aimed at identifying the continuing educational needs of SMH medical fraternity and maximising learning opportunities through formal courses, seminars, workshops and conferences.