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To make unique identity among the hospitals of Delhi in providing preventive, promotive, curative & rehabilitative treatment of unmatched supreme quality in Primary, Secondary & Tertiary lane.


Shanti Mukand Hospital endeavors to fulfill the cherished dream of Sh. Mukandi Lal Memorial Foundation in mitigating the suffering of people with utmost care, courtesy and to improve the community health by setting exceptional standards of innovative patient centered services.


  • Strive for excellence
  • Treat others with respect, compassion & integrity
  • Use effective communication and team work
  • Demonstrate a commitment to our universe : The environment, The Community, The organization & one another


Shanti Mukand Hospital offers the best health care, in an environment that is pleasant, innovative, supportive and comfortable.Quality is part of our strategic vision, and guides us in delivering safe and cost-effective care to the society we serve.

As a community hospital, we understand the importance of treating each patient with respect and dignity, like members of our extended family.

The hospital’s philosophy revolves around "the pursuit of excellence” in all our patient care activities. We are fully aware that sustained quality excellence does not happen by “chance.” We strive hard to achieve this, in a true humanitarian spirit of selfless service.