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Recognised for excellence and compassion in service and care,  Shanti Mukand Hospital Embarks upon an Ambitious agenda this decade that holds exiting new possibilities. A massive expansion of the hospital is projected.

A strategic plan on the hospital’s expansion is being drawn up in consultation with a homogenous group of experts and technical specialists. The hospital building is projected to expand vertically in order to house many new  facilities.

The plan also involves improving the accessibility of SMH health care services, not only in East Delhi but also to the people of adjoining territories. Several new patient care models are being processed.

As part of our vision for future, Shanti Mukand Hospital is poised to be a major centre for open-heart surgery. A separate cardiology wing is proposed, where a  20-bed coronary cardiac intensive care unit is planned, along with cardiac catheterization unit.

Our Cancer and Imaging divisions are to undergo further vertical integration with the induction of new state-of-the-art technologies. Neurosurgery and nephrology departments are projected to expand further. Several new specialities are likely to be established at the hospital.

A blood bank is proposed in the near future for the hospital. A nursing college is also on the drawing board. Adequate underground parking facilities are planned.

Several new ideas are in the pipeline for handling an ever increasing numbers of OPD patients as also the surgical procedures.A strategic plan is proposed on the deployment of new doctors, surgeons, nurses and other cadres. Induction of new technologies for the present and future horizons is being penned down.

The aim is that the residents of East Delhi should not cross river Yamuna for any treatment and it should be provided here. Besides, patients all over, seeking quality services at affordable costs may generously opt for treatment at Shanti Mukand Hospital.